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TRADE UP NORTH 2020 - Mining, Manufacturing & Construction Exhibition

Trade Up North held biannually in Francistown, Botswana, presents the latest technologies and equipment, services, machinery for Mines, Manufacturing and Construction Industries in exploration, excavation, processing, production and export as well as introducing investment opportunities in Botswana.

The second Trade Up North, to be held on the 28th - 29th July 2020, will help Botswana link up with a broad spectrum of countries and create a broad knowledge platform in minerals development hence groom a better Botswana Mining, Manufacturing & Construction Sectors.


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Why Trade Up North

It brings companies closer to customers. It’s an opportunity for companies to share what they can offer. It’s an opportunity for contractors and buyers to meet with stakeholders in a pleasant setting. It also offers an opportunity to reach both current and potential customers in a specific region with their products. The North of Botswana is a hub for mining, manufacturing and construction in the country and it is vast and can be both time consuming and expensive to cover. Trade Up North is unique in the way it brings together a large number of customers from one single region, which facilitates sales work.